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Consumer group Which? says costs to victims' well-being are greater than the amount stolen by fraudsters.

The buy now, pay later firm announces changes in the UK, ahead of an expected crackdown on the market.

But retailers say it could take months to update terminals so people can spend up to £100 without a Pin.

Regulator says it will find a new supplier for customers of Daligas, the third energy provider to fold this week.

Supermarket chain says increase in demand was temporary as petrol shortages in London ease.

Yet more small suppliers have been caught between soaring energy costs and the UK's price cap.

Researchers say data from 45 countries over 40 years shows household is a place of great inequality.

The boss of toy chain the Entertainer says it will be harder to get stock to the right places at the right time.

The spending budget for a minimum standard of living increases to £16,700 for a couple, the calculations suggest.

Despite recent tax rises, there is limited scope to spend more on public services, says the IFS.

A record £184m Euromillions prize will be up for grabs again on Friday after no ticket won on Tuesday.

The boss of the food giant says rising prices are partly due to pandemic disruption.

Firms say consumers could face a "huge cost" from providers going out of business.

Households will again see big rises in energy bills next spring, warns regulator Ofgem.

Millions "lost a lifeline" when the temporary rise to universal credit ended, the footballer says.

Rising gas and electricity bills will plunge many more households into fuel poverty next year, says charity.

Robust demand for staff is fuelled by rising economic activity, survey suggests.

Businesses and householders face a rise in energy bills, with some energy suppliers going bust.

As stamp duty returns to its pre-pandemic status, there are opposing views over recent tax policy.

Campaigners say you should see your money as a secret superpower that can help save the planet

Shortages are one thing we don't seem to be running out of in the UK right now.

Around 2 million customers have seen their energy firm collapse amid soaring gas prices.

Customers caught in the middle of the energy price crisis face higher bills but are told not to panic.

House prices have surged in many parts of the UK - and in one district they have risen by 29% in a year.

Thousands of people who have turned 66 have not been paid their state pensions and they are furious.

As the UK's shortage of lorry drivers continues, those with the right skills are very much in demand.

The government has changed a policy which determines the annual rise in the state pension.

Social care worker Sarah takes us through her weekly spending as England's national lockdown lifts.

Thanucha, a pharmacology student from Hertfordshire, talks us through her lockdown spending.

Helen Edwards, an NHS doctor from the West Midlands in the UK takes us through her week's spending.

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