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Thousands of people who have turned 66 have not been paid their state pensions and they are furious.

Debt charity StepChange is calling for emergency support for renters who have fallen behind on payments.

Most people do not believe workers will return to the office full-time, according to YouGov research.

Influencers are part of the City regulator's plan to highlight decisions over high-risk investments.

We Buy Any Car, Saga and Sports Direct are fined for sending millions of nuisance messages.

The UK inflation rate hit 3.2% in the year to August, according to the latest official figures.

Developer latest to drop clause campaigners say makes homes impossible to remortgage or sell.

No new 1p coins were made by the Royal Mint in 2018 and 2019 but production resumed last year.

Official figures show the number of vacancies top one million for the first time since records began in 2001.

Banks warn that people do not want to appear rude rather than cutting off unsolicited phone calls.

A law firm representing travellers is taking the government to court over the UK's quarantine hotel policy.

An anti-fraud charity says banks are not doing enough to warn young adults about the dangers of fraud.

Hundreds of new state pension claimants failed to get payments due to Covid and staffing problems.

Basic standards for firms to qualify for the government list should be significantly improved, says the CMA.

PayPal is bringing in a new fee for commercial transactions between the UK and EEA.

Three is the third UK network to bring back roaming charges for the EU post-Brexit.

The energy watchdog says that rising prices for fossil fuels, especially gas, will feed into household bills.

Rents are increasing at their fastest pace in more than 10 years, according to property website Zoopla.

House prices have surged in many parts of the UK - and in one district they have risen by 29% in a year.

As the UK's shortage of lorry drivers continues, those with the right skills are very much in demand.

The government has changed a policy which determines the annual rise in the state pension.

Under 25s are losing the biggest percentage of their income when the payments go down in October.

Millions in Bitcoin and other digital coins are being stolen by hackers with victims left in limbo.

More people are looking for help in paying for divorces after relationships ended during Covid.

After sleeping on the night bus with her daughter, Jo was forced to borrow money.

Phone fraud, both via calls and text messages, has soared during the pandemic.

BBC Panorama investigates a new generation of fraudster that openly uses social media to promote crime.

From squabbles and lies to what they'd do if they won the lottery, we pose the awkward questions.

Marketeer Toni says being able to socialise more and meet colleagues is pushing her spending higher.

Scam victims are having difficulties getting bank support after losing cash, consumer group Which? says.

Five ways to rethink how businesses can reach customers with disabilities.

Schemes helping homeless people lacking IDs to get bank accounts are transforming hundreds of lives.

What happens if a housemate tests positive for Covid just as you were about to move out?

A behind-the-scenes look inside a high-security banknote printing plant.

How a British man's dreams of a future with his Ukrainian fiancee ended in financial disaster.

A combination of Covid, Brexit and the Suez Canal delays threaten to disrupt supplies this summer.

House prices are increasing at their fastest rate for more than a decade. These graphics explain why.

As rail reforms loom, commuters tell the BBC about the problems they face with UK train services.

Students say it is unfair their £7,500-a-year university course has mostly been taught online.

What rights do you have if your holidays plans or rules change?

People in England could be told to work from home once again through the autumn and winter.

Social care worker Sarah takes us through her weekly spending as England's national lockdown lifts.

Thanucha, a pharmacology student from Hertfordshire, talks us through her lockdown spending.

Helen Edwards, an NHS doctor from the West Midlands in the UK takes us through her week's spending.

Laura Wilson from west London takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.

Laura Hawcroft from Manchester takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sian Williams from Indonesia takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.

Charmel Flemming from South Africa takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Jay and Hollie from Liverpool take us through their week's spending.